DBQ: Earning the Contextualization point!

This is not going to be a normal practice prompt, but more of just something I wanted to highlight. The contextualization point is a deceiving point to earn. It is easy to think that you earned the point when you actually did not. When you contextualize you explain the events that take place before, during, or after the prompt. While this seems easy enough, there are a few things to keep in mind. First: you need to make sure that you are highlighting the immediate context of the prompt. You should not be contextualizing events that take place more than 100 years before the prompt. Second: your contextualization needs to actually relate to the prompt directly! You need to directly tie your contextualization to the prompt. So, if your prompt is asking about the French Revolution and you explain the rise of absolutism in France, make sure you explain clearly how that led to the French Revolution. Lastly, your contextualization does not also count as outside evidence! That is a separate point and should be found in your body paragraph, not your intro.

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