DBQ Paragraphs

How many body paragraphs/groups of documents should we try to write/use in our DBQ? Like is 2 or 3 better, and how many total paragraphs as well?

Your goal this year is to use 4 documents. Ideally, you can make two groups and describe two of the documents that are similar in one body paragraph and the other two that are similar in the other body paragraph. Now the reason that I say “ideally” is because time is SHORT! If you have time to do an intro. and two body paragraphs, and the conclusion doesn’t happen, DO NOT BE ALARMED! From what I have heard, very few are finding the time for a conclusion.

Do we need a topic sentence, or can I just jump into the body paragraph like: In Common Sense, by Thomas Paine (Doc 5)…
Is that ok?

You don’t HAVE to have a topic sentence, but thinking along those lines will probably help you to organize where you are going with those two documents. For instance, if you were trying to prove something like the beliefs of the Founding Fathers had a great impact on the direction and success of the American Revolution, you could use Common Sense and another document to show that their writings contributed to changing the mindset of the American colonists.

hello! i think i understand how to source documents, but a lot of the time i find it easier to do before using the documents as evidence. is this acceptable? I noticed many examples do it after as opposed to before

Absolutely! I prefer to do it that way, also. I think it makes more sense, but it can fall anywhere in the paragraph.

thank you!!1

You are welcome!

Thank you!

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