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Hello, so I have been doing a lot of practice DBQs, and after doing so many I started to feel more confident about this exam, but then I showed one to my teacher and she told me that my sourcings would not get the point and I had others read my DBQ and they told me that I analyzed too much.

Prompt: Evaluate the extent to which various ideologies contributed to the development of European and American imperialism from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.
Thesis: Various ideologies contributed to the development of European and American imperialism from the late 1800s to the early 1900s to an enormous extent because they held on to a sense of nationalism, they appealed to people’s economic thirst, and they allowed for the Europeans and Americans to disguise as if they were actually helping other nations(social darwinism).

One of the documents was by Carl Peters, a German author, and he wrote the Die GrĂĽndung van Deutsch-Ostafrika (The Foundation of German East Africa). He explained how Germany was not getting their share of influence in Africa like other Europeans were, and his solution to this was imperialization.
Sourcing: Carl Peters intention in this document was to make Germans understand and have pride in their country, and with that pride that should colonize other lands, like East Africa, so they can spread their under-appreciated culture, which shows how people had nationalistic ideologies and used those as a motive to imperialize, so that they could become even greater.- I said that this was a purpose sourcing but my teacher said that it wouldn’t get the point.
So, I changed the sourcing to historical context- This was written after the Berlin Conference which sorted out the Scramble of Africa. The conference included Germany and many other European nations, and they all got a portion of Africa, but still Germany felt as if they did not have as much cultural influence there. Germany wanted more influence because they thought of themselves as great and even after the Berlin Conference they noticed not much improvement on this, so it resulted in them wanting to imperialize more for their nationalistic ideologies, just like many other Europeans, as well as Americans.

Another document was by Jules Ferry, the Premier of France, and he was delivering a speech to the National Assembly. He explained how he thought that France should imperialize to help their economy, since many places like Africa had materials that would greatly help France’s market.
My sourcing- Considering that Jules Ferry is the Premier of France, or the Prime Minister, he would most likely want what is best for his country, and one of those things is helping the economy. Taking that into consideration, it is clear that he wants to help his country’s economy and so he approves of imperializing.- My teacher said that this wouldn’t get the point since it did not connect back to my thesis, so then I changed it. She recommended that I don’t do POV, so I changed it to audience.
Revised sourcing- Jules Ferry is addressing the National Assembly. Since the audience was the national assembly, which had great power in international affairs and policies, Jules Ferry tried his best to convince them of the benefits of imperializing. Ferry felt as if imperializing would greatly benefit France’s market, but he had to appeal to the National Assembly in order to have France imperialize, and he did so by stating the economic benefits of imperializing; which was more access to raw materials not found in France. This demonstrates how France, as well as Europe, and Americans, saw the potential that imperializing had on their economies, and how it would greatly benefit it. And so France, as well as many Europeans and Americans, decided to imperialize to have more access to raw materials so that their economic ideology of economic power could be satisfied.

As you can see, I write quite a lot, and I feel like this can hurt me on the exam. I did finish my practice DBQs in time, but I feel like during the exam I will be in more pressure, so it’s better if I make the analysis smaller.

You might not want to key on point of view, but both sources POV is skewed in favor of pro-European, pro Imperialism, and ethnocentrism–that should be echoed in whatever skill you choose. However, the second part of “getting the point” is using this deeper analysis of the document to strengthen and deepen your original argument. I wonder if your teacher may have believed that part of your analysis that was truly missing? In my view, that IS where POV would be important. Your argument is that “ideologies” contributed to the development of Imperialism. Ferry’s personal ideology steeped in Eurocentrism influenced his policy-making. His belief in Europeans as a superior race fueled his desire to make France and imperial power.

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In reference to Carl Peters document. . . . I like how you took what Peters wanted others to do. I like your purpose. It ties in with historical situation well, too. I like your original HIPP. However, your second attempt is solid. You can back away form some of the detail in your second attempt if you think that is holding you up.

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it! However, I am kind of confused on what you are saying? Are you saying that for this document POV would work best, but I should analyze it better and tie it back to my thesis better? If I were to write this, would it get the point on the actual exam?

Thank you!

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