DBQ Prompt Meanings

Since there are many different prompts, could you explain what each one means? Like some say “explain…” or “to what extent…” or “evaluate the relative importance of…” As in what do each of these phrase mean when writing a DBQ?

Hi @niya-sh

Mr. Lagerway will be going over DBQs in the second half of the stream. There’s also this guide by fiveable: https://app.fiveable.me/ap-world/-/ultimate-guide-dbq-2020/study-guide/ZT0GZwEWSNreRHs0jwUi

Hi, @niya-sh,

Mr. Lagerwey will go over this in the second half of the stream! Practically speaking, this just is a fancy way of saying “how much, and why does it matter?”, so you would generally want to respond with some sort of word in your thesis clarifying how much, and you will also want to say whether it was important or unimportant, for that prompt.

Explain means what, why, how of the question. “to what extent” is the amount, like industrialization “decently, adequately, or had little to no change” in the lives of african americans because of (give at least 2 main things to talk about in the body paragraph). And then the “evaluate” is kind of like the “to what extent”. I think

Thank you guys!

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