When writing a thesis for the DBQ, do we have to list 3 points/add nuance?

Your thesis should be your argument or “a historically defensible claim”

To put it simply: “Vanilla is a flavor of ice cream” is just a statement. “Vanilla is the most versatile flavor (or best) of ice cream” has that persuasive element – we can argue if it’s the “most versatile” (or best).

Consider something as more significant, longer lasting, had more benefits to the people, caused more irreparable harm, as types of phrases you can use to help make a statement a defensible claim. Good luck tomorrow!

For a thesis, your points basically become your body paragraphs. Your thesis can’t get the nuance point on its own, but if you demonstrate a complex understanding with your body paragraphs and your essay is more argumentative than informative, I think you’ll be good

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