DBQ Question

How many words would an excellent dbq normally have?

There’s no “normal” amount of words. Make your argument, and then 'splain yourself!

There isn’t a specific word count you need to meet to have an “excellent” DBQ and it will vary from prompt to prompt and person to person. The number of words to have an excellent DBQ will be what it takes to develop a strong, complex argument that shows your knowledge of the subject!

There is not a set number of words, nor a suggested number of words. You will usually need 4-5 paragraphs to answer all the parts of the prompt. Ideally, it would look something like this with 5 documents:

Intro.: Contextualization and thesis plus an organizing statement or an extension of your thesis (Thesis: This is what I will prove; Organizing Statement: This is how I will do it).

Body Paragraph 1: Topic sentence for that paragraph that ties back to your thesis; describe, support and explain HIPP on documents, probably 2-3 in this paragraph. Include outside evidence that you know that would correlate to this topic.

Body Paragraph 2: Repeat Paragraph 1 for 2-3 documents.

Conclusion: If you already have two pieces of outside evidence, this paragraph can be used to restate your thesis (sometimes it is better after you have written your paper. Remember: Readers can ONLY give credit for the thesis in your introduction or your conclusion paragraph). This is also a good place to show complexity. Try to do the other side of your arguments.
Causation: If you did the causes of an event, tell the effects.
Continuity and Change: If you told how something changed over time, tell how it stayed the same.
Comparison: If you told how two rulers were alike, now tell how they were different.

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