DBQ time vs. quality

My teacher said it’s better to have an unfinished essay that’s good quality, than to rush through it. Should I try my best to submit a completed essay? Will College Board be more lenient this year, say, if I had an incomplete conclusion?

Hi @aliciawang123_59578,

This year’s exam is really about whether you know your history and can show that you know it! That being said, you should try to check off all the points on the rubric (Mr. Lagerwey will do a review on that in the second half of the stream!) This means that you can definitely sacrifice organization for content - the history is what matters, but not writing a perfect essay! That means that your conclusion can be weak or even nonexistent, if you have done a good job with contextualization, your thesis, using documents, analyzing them, bringing in outside evidence, and adding some sort of complexity.

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I completely agree with SanderOwens, but be sure that you have a rubric that works for you (there are many different versions that outline all of the points required) next to you, and try to check off each item as you complete it.

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