DBQ Topics - Same as CB Prompts/AP Youtube Channel?

Will the DBQ topic/s for the practice later in the stream be the same as the ones already linked in this forum (practice DBQs from the CB)/the ones used in the AP World Modern Youtube practice? I believe the prompts were:

  1. The reactions of indigeous peoples from 1750-1900
  2. How Christianity changed Latin American society from 1500-1800

Also, will the latter part of the stream be used to actually practice those DBQs, discuss possible answers, or both?

Today’s DBQ will be a different prompt, and yes, he will be going through a DBQ with you.

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At Fiveable we create our own AP Prompts, though we take careful lessons from existing AP Prompts. So no these will be different from the two you have listed

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I believe they are going to be the ones that Eric Beckman came up with as opposed to CB provided prompts. That said, I believe the plan is to work through the DBQs, not necessarily “live” but as a thought exercise and show you how to go about trying to get points. I hope this helps!

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@Darin_Roodman is correct. We will be using the Fiveable’s practice question, primarily the one on early modern empires. I may refer to the CB DBQs that you list, but they will not be the focus by any means.


And just to clarify, we will be working through Fiveable’s practice question together, as opposed to doing a timed individual practice, correct?

I do believe that’s the plan

Yes, I will go step by through one, and then discuss others as time allows. Any individual practice will be on your own. You can post parts of an essay here for peer grading by other participants.

Okay! Thank you!

Thank you so much!

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