DBQ topics

Do you think that there is one topic that I should make sure that I know extremely well considering that this year the test is just a DBQ?

With the other history exams, there have been multiple prompts from multiple time periods, so you should probably be familiar with all the content that might be covered!

There isn’t a specific topic you should focus on! There are many versions of the test this year, so be prepared for anything. Know how to write an effective DBQ and be familiar with the trends of every time period. You’ve got this!

Welcome, Melissa~ The best part about DBQ – it’s all there. Use the documents, the source line that is given, the background information. If you’re thinking about world historical context, then perhaps in your notes you have a one page reference (or your textbook/ prep book) about the really BIG things that happened during a given time period or in a specific geographic region.

Good luck tomorrow!

Thank you so much!

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