I was wondering if there can be any feedback provided on how to make sure our usage of OI/HIPP skills are effective enough to support our analysis and thesis. I’ve been struggling with this, as my teacher told me after grading my practice essay that just providing evidence is insufficient.

For outside evidence, be sure that you are giving at least 2-3 sentences that is NOT contained in the documents or prompt. Next you must be sure that you point that evidence back to your thesis or argument. For instance, if you said that the Progressive period creates lasting change in America, and you used The Hull House as an example, you would have to explain how The Hull House created lasting change to get the outside evidence point.

For HIPP—Historical situation, Intended Audience, Purpose, Point of View—you must do this for at least two documents on this year’s AP exam. So on a document, you must be able to explain what the historical situation of a document was or to whom it was written (a friend, a king, the governor, etc.), what was the purpose for which the document was written, or the point of view (common person? President? Senator?, etc.). Now, IF you get this right, you still won’t get the point UNLESS you can then point it back to the thesis and explain why that element of HIPP makes a difference to your thesis.

thank you so much for your help!!

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