how do you write a cause and effect essay??

Everyone keeps saying that complexity needs to be throughout the essay. Does having a similarity and change count? What if I just compare two document or talk about this event throughout history in one paragraph? Does that count?

Are we going to have a choice of prompt?

Are we allowed to discuss the prompt after the test ends?

Will having gmail and hangouts open count as cheating?

What should I do tomorrow? Cram? Or eat breakfast and go over my study notes?

it might, it might not. Basically, complexity is one of those things that you weave throughout the essay, showing a complex and deep understanding of your argument and the topic.

So, should I compare docs and show the prompt happening over time in different places to earn the complexity point?

You’ve got this!!!

Okay, thanks! I’ll do that!

Hope this helps some:
For the thesis, write it in X. HoweverA & B. Therefore, Y. For the essay, Explain your X, compare your A & B, then give your Y.

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