Detail as rhetorical device?

sorry to ask another question but if you were using DIDLS you can use each one as a rhetorical device, right? and if so, what does the ‘details’ section mean? like i know it’s analyzing the information presented but could you say like

“the author omits details, like discussion of their counterargument in (paragraph) in order to strengthen their argument.”

Great question! You can use DIDLS as devices, but they can also work as strategies if you are intentional. For example, you might say, “The authoring intentionally includes details that will inspire the audience to ___.” From here, you would give two details (which can literally be almost anything from the passage chunk) that work to inspire whatever it was that you found.
For diction, remember to describe the diction in some way. With this, you could address the connotation and denotation as they build a specific tone and build an emotional reaction in the audience. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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