Devices v. Strategies

Are we at a disadvantage if our teacher only dicussed the version using devices ? Would you advise attempting to switch to strategies? Can you still get a four or five using devices?

they said either way works but i think using strategies gives you a more complex argument

You can absolutely score well developing a response that is focused on strategies. Be confident in what you’ve practiced and be specific in your discussion of the strategies (WHAT [Text Evidence], HOW [Describe Function/Purpose], WHY [Impact])! Good luck!

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So should we switch to strategies?

Hello again, I am a little confused by the response. My teacher only taught the method that revolves around devices. Does that place me at a disadvantage ? Should I attempt to switch to strategies ?

You need to write what you’ve practiced and feel the most confident doing. Now is not the time to learn a new organizational method. Be confident and write, write, write!

No, you are not at a disadvantage, and I would not encourage you to switch and try something new :slight_smile:

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