How can we quickly identify the Devices? what resources can we use to review them?

I know that fiveable has some articles on it on their big AP Lang study guide thingy, and “Coach Hall Writes” has some youtube videos that could be useful. Certain devices are easier to find, like tone, comparisons, and appeals to logos/pathos/ethos.

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Coach Hall Writes is very helpful. Consider checking out her videos they helped me a lot.

Hey Rita,

I’ll attach a list of rhetorical devices for your reference. However, don’t take any time during the exam rummaging through this list to find the correct name for the device. Getting it labeled correctly isn’t what matters. In fact, CollegeBoard readers would much rather have you just state the writing choice in your own words than worry about matching the name of a certain device to what you see. I’ll also attach a Replay where I explain this in much more depth.

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