Diasporas vs Ethnic Enclaves

Are diasporas and ethnic enclaves the same thing? If not, what are the differences and how do you distinguish them from one another?

No A Diaspora refers to the community living outside of their homeland, but not necessarily segregated from the population they live among, this applies to Units 1-3

Ethnic enclaves were the product of modern cities in the Industrial Age and did involve a degree of legal segregation or were the result of indentured servitude, unique to the Industrial Age


Both diasporas and ethnic enclaves have push / pull factors. Jewish Diaspora was when the Jews were pushed out of the Israel. Muslim Merchant Diaspora was when Muslim Merchants spread around the Indian Ocean Trade Network (pulled) because of economic opportunity. Ethnic enclaves are locations inside other nations / regions where certain groups moved. Italians living in NYC were pushed out of an Italy lacking in economic opportunity and pulled to NYC because of that opportunity. I contend we use the diaspora to mean more unique and significant. For example, many other ethnic groups were doing what the Italians were doing while the diasporas stand unique. Great question!

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Thanks for the helpful responses! Definitely have a better understanding now :smile:

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