Diction and Tone

can I use diction and tone as rhetorical choices for any text I’m given since all texts must have those two elements? WIll diction and tone always contribute to the purpose and impact the audience in any text?

Diction and tone are good places to start your analysis, and they’ll generally affect purpose and the audience (after all, a writer chooses their diction and tone carefully.) However, you have to make sure you’re specific about what you’re analyzing. I would recommend describing the diction carefully, and analyzing, too, why a piece has the tone it does (Word choice? Syntax?)

yep but always make sure that you’re including adjectives - all writing has diction and tone. is it informal diction? is it a disappointing tone? also make sure you’re talking about how the specific diction/tone contributes to the author’s purpose & how it affects the audience to do something

Yes. But remember the most important thing is to select the writing choices that are MOST effective (these may or may not be diction/tone depending on the text).

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