Difference between outside evidence and historical context

If I add information to a document, could I pick if that information goes towards historical context or outside evidence, and if it goes to outside evidence and I relate that to my thesis can that get me relating to thesis points or simply outside evidence? Sorry if this is a confusing question, I myself am also confused.

Hi there! The contextualization point is most often earned by providing relevant historical context beyond the prompt, which ultimately leads into your thesis. The outside evidence point is earned by providing an example related to a document in order to further support your argument. Hope this helps!

In theory context and outside evidence are both “outside evidence” because you are introducing information not found directly in the documents to enhance and clarify your arguments. Context clarifies your argument by showing how it is potentially similar to a similar historical situation in the period in question, or from another historical period. Outside evidence is an independent piece of historical evidence that further “proves” your argument. For a DBQ, it’s like your own document you have brought to the essay.

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