Different types of brain imaging?

Why would you use different types of imaging like PET scan, fMRI, etc - like what is the difference between them that makes them useful for different things?

If you want to see if something is physically wrong with the brain, like a tumor, aneurysm, or injury, you would use a structural scan, which would be a CT or MRI. MRI does give you a better picture, but CT is cheaper and can be used on people with metal in their bodies (MRI can’t. If you want to know why, google some delightful videos of metal in an MRI). A functional scan is more to see what is going on in the brain. A PET scan shows glucose processing while an fMRI shows blood flow. They are both two different ways of showing what part of the brain might be “active” at a given time. An EEG, however, just shows brainwaves, so it is best used for things like sleep studies and epilepsy.

There’s MRI, FMRI, EEG, CT, and PET!

MRI- Allows to see the details of the brain using magnetic fields
FMRI- Allows to see most detailed view of the brain; combines elements of PET and MRI
EEG- Used to measure brain waves
CT- X ray with different angles; allows to see different structures of the brain
PET- Allows to see brain activity by injecting radioactive glucose

Hope this helps!

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