[Discussion Unit 1] What could you do to reduce your Nitrogen Footprint?

Most often students are asked to look at their Carbon Footprint. The carbon cycle is commonly referred to in the news and classrooms. What about the nitrogen cycle? What is your Nitrogen Footprint?

What changes can be taken at a personal, local, global level to reduce the human impact of the nitrogen cycle? Which of these would have the greatest impact?

Use these links to review this biogeochemical cycle.
Biogeochemical Cycles livestream
What Are the 4 Steps of the Nitrogen Cycle?

Many changes at the personal, local, and global level could reduce the human impact on the nitrogen cycle. Most of the nitrogen being added to the nitrogen cycle by humans is from fertilizers for crops. At a personal level, people could start buying organic produce. Locally, farmers could plant more legumes (e.g. soybeans) to provide nitrogen to their crops. Globally, international powers could create incentives (e.g. more foreign aid, reduced sanctions, military reinforcements) for countries that reduce their nitrogen fertilizer use, or countries that produce more legumes.

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