Do you have any advice on how to group the documents a quicker way?

Do you have any advice on how to group the documents a quicker way? I take forever to group my documents.

Look for documents that have similar topics or perspectives. Look for specific language and key terms/words that will help you identify these similarities! Hope this helps and good luck tomorrow.

As you read through the documents, see if there are any similarities between them. If some documents are similar in argument, they can often be grouped more easily.

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The key to grouping document is making sure you understand EXACTLY what the question is asking. Often times the question itself will do the grouping for you. It may offer categories, for example, what was the economic and political impact of… So, you know you are not going into the document blind, you are looking for economic or political impact. Any question that says analyze the “extent to which” you know you are looking for documents that support an extent to a little or a lot. Again, a clear understanding of the question can help you group the documents.

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