Document analysis vs. sourcing

I am still a bit confused about analyzing and supporting at least four documents for that third point. If I source those documents, would that ensure me the analysis point? Or what exactly do I have to do besides sourcing (HIPP) the documents?
For example,
Shortly after the battle, Tipu Sultan, ruler of Myrose, sent a letter to the Mughal emperor in 1785 (document 3). In this letter, the author clearly reveals his friendliness towards the Mughal emperor, but extreme negative opinions towards the British. Tipu Sultan refers to the British as “wicked” and “abject”, which emphasizes the author’s dissatisfaction with the British East India Company. Because the audience of this document is a Mughal emperor and not a British, the author is more honest with his opinions. Moreover, the author reveals his rejection of Christianity, which emphasizes the Muslim descent of India, especially the Mughal Empire.

would this be considered as “supporting the argument”?

Supporting is separate from, but parallel to, analysis. I know…it’s tricky. But you support your argument well with select terms (in quotes in your response) and also provide analysis with the phrase about “the author clearly reveals…toward the British” you further that analysis with the link about the audience.

thank you so much :smiley:

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