What do we do if we don’t understand the documents and what they are saying and the purpose of it? Also will the documents be a lot to read or will it be short?

If you don’t understand what the documents are saying, look at the source of the document and try to find a sentence within the document that might help you get an idea of the purpose. Even a word or term could help! The documents will be a manageable length and won’t be too long. One of the documents will be a graphic (photo, cartoon, etc.).

So. . . I encourage my students to find two docs they can address well and answer the prompt. 2 points. They should source them for two more points and then try to bring in outside evidence that answers the prompt for one more point. That is 5 points in one body paragraph.

It is even possible to Contextualize, Thesis, 2 Outside Evidence and earn 4 points.

Don’t stress about using all 5!!! If you don’t know one of them, many are in the same boat.

The documents won’t be several pages long if that’s what you’re worried about. While I can’t possibly tell you actual word-count, they tend to keep it short-ish to make the docs manageable. Good luck tomorrow!

There will be at least one graphic (map, photograph, image, etc) of the 5 docs. I would think that the docs will be relatively short but that’s subjective. A paragraph or two wouldn’t be out of line for one document. Figure on spending 8-10 minutes (set a timer if you need) to read/analyze/prewrite your response.

Attempting to use all of the documents in supporting your argument will give you the best shot at earning the most points on the modified rubric. Good luck tomorrow!

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