Does anybody have any tips for how to write a thesis?

I do not know why, but all year thesis has been the one point that I cannot seem to get. Does anybody have any tips on how I can get this point on the exam tomorrow?

I’m no expert because I’m taking the exam tomorrow as well, but I would just say to make sure you’re fully answering the prompt. From there, add in slight details that you can look back and add to in your body para(s) later in your essay. Read the prompt carefully!!

Remember to fully answer the prompt and support that claim based on your documents (usually by how you have grouped your documents). Hope this helps and good luck today!

Here’s a great formula that sets you up for complexity later on:
Although X, because of A and B, therefore Y.
A= Evidence
B= Evidence
Y= Argument
Example: Although some empires relied on railroads to consolidate their power at home and to try to get rid of foreign influence such as the Ottomans and Qing, the most common use of railroads was to increase economic strength and consolidate power in conquered lands. [This is from an essay that scored a ten, credits to Heimler’s History (you should search him up!)]

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This looks REALLY familiar!.. Where’ve I seen it before?! :smiley: Good job Salam, glad to see it’s stuck! Good luck today!

LMAO, we both know. Thanks a lot! I’ll make sure to give you a shout-out if I do well.

(P.S. My name’s Mahir lol)

facepalm of course it is! Mahir, I’m sure you’ll rock it. Good luck sir!

Thank you!

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