Does the EBD have to be relevant to the argument in the same time period and location or could you say use the land based empires as EBD to explain imperialism since their 3 units apart?

Your outside evidence must defend your argument. The rubric says that it must be relevant to an argument about the prompt, so it would probably be difficult to use something outside the period of the prompt.

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I agree with @KAG, this is the safe bet. However, if you are in a pinch and can’t think of something else, and do have a DIRECT parallel example, it could work. For instance, if you were answering a question about the mandate of heaven, you could say something like, “The mandate of heaven was a means to justify dynastic rule for China. This is similar to the concept of divine right monarchy. Just as the emperor claimed they had the mandate of heaven, European monarchs like Louis XIV justified his absolute authority by claiming divine right.”

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