Economic dominance

what would be an example of economic dominance? when it comes to imperialism

A great example of economic dominance in relation to imperialism. would be the German Colony of East Africa, where the German Colonial administrators forced the farmers to grow cotton, by only accepting cotton as a form of Taxation. This would be a direct Imperial economic domination. There is economic domination in Latin America by an American company called United Fruit. Which will never directly colonizing a country, say Guatemala, held a great deal of economic power over this country because of its high level of land ownership.

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Depends on the periodization and old imperialism v. new.

It sounds like you’re probably talking about 1750-1900.

Here are some good ones:

  • Economic imperialism in China + spheres of influence beginning with the Opium Wars for goods and trade access
  • Economic imperialism in Latin America (United Fruit, banana republics, RR-building) for cash crops and oil
  • Outright colonization (post economic-imperialism) in India by Britain for cotton
  • Scramble for Africa and its outcomes
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thank you!

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