Can you explain how certain energy plants work (nuclear plants, coal combustion, hydroelectric, solar)

Most generate heat/water (combustion, light) which creates steam which spins the turbine which turns the generator on where electricity is created and transported through the grid.

do we need to know the steps to create energy?

Solar is the use of solar panels, wich are made up of cells that convert sunlight into energy. They aren’t as efficient as other methods of energy production, but definitely one of the cleanest.
Wind energy uses the motion of the turbine panels to generate power. It can be a cause of noise pollution, take up space and thousands of birds a year are killed from colliding with wind turbines.
Hydroelectric energy uses the motion of water through a dam to generate energy. The dam can trap animals and its efficiency depends on the speed of the water and the size of the turbine.
Coal combustion is the burning of coal in a boiler to produce steam, the pressure of which turns a turbine, which is how the energy is produced. The burning of coal produces many air pollutants, like NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, Lead, etc. (Let me know if I’m wrong about these)
Nuclear power is considered renewable, but not clean. The reason for this is that we use nuclear fission, which is harnessing the energy produced from breaking apart a helium atom, creating two hydrogen atoms.
That’s all I got, hope this helps.

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