Eugenics and Epigenetics

Can we please go over this? I never understood it in class, and I still don’t!

Eugenics is a pseudoscience loosely based on the idea that you can breed for “preferential traits” based on the work of 19th century researcher, Francis Galton. His discriminatory beliefs were used through the early 20th century to show favoritism to particular groups (i.e. Nazism). Epigenetics is the idea certain genetic traits can be “turned on” often by environmental circumstances.

Freckles would be a simple example of epigenetics. You can have the freckling gene. it’s dominant BUT you are going to end up with many more freckles if your family settles in San Diego or Mexico City than if your family settles in Nome or Oslo.

Eugenics was a 19th century movement that proposed measuring human traits and using the results to encourage or discourage people from reproducing. Epigenetics is the idea that human traits can vary in when they “turn on and off” due to the environment one is in/around. Just like what @gwenk said! :grinning:

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