Evaluate the extent - Thesis

This is the 2019 DBQ prompt. Could you give me feedback on whether my thesis is properly evaluating the extent? Thank you!

2019 DBQ Documents
Evaluate the extent to which the Portuguese transformed maritime
trade in the Indian Ocean in the sixteenth century.

Thesis: With these maritime technological developments, the Portuguese were able to travel all the way to the Indian Ocean, establishing new, increasingly global connections between Europe and the Indian Ocean as well as bringing the use of violence, guns, and war into Indian Ocean trade.

In your thesis when you say “these maritime technological developments,” which ones? You have to assume you are educating the reader of your essay. Also, when you get a prompt that say “evaluate the extent,” it is a given that whatever you are evaluating happened…it is asking you to say how much it happened. Therefore, what were the technological innovations introduced by the Portuguese? AND…how much did these innovations transform Indian Ocean Trade?

So. . . per your question, you didn’t clearly address extent. Like transformation was great, transformation was limited. . . . however, last year I heard that they were told to ignore “evaluate the extent” part of the prompt and just address the rest. It is real easy to simply write a separate extent statement before the rest of your thesis in its own sentence.

“These maritime technological developments” was from the contextualization, but that is what I was thinking as well about evaluating the extent. I got it now. Thanks

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