Evidence from the docs

the rubric says that we get 1 point for stating the main idea of 2 docs and 1 more point for using the 2 docs. but when it says that we would get 1 more point (for 3 total points) if we use 4 docs to support our argument, does that mean we have to summarize the main idea of the other 2 docs too? or can i just skip talking about the main idea and go straight to describing how it supports my argument?

Hello! It seems like your analysis of the situation makes sense, sabrinaymo. I would think that as you are describing the other documents to get that third point you will no doubt have some information that “describes” a bit of what the document says. Somewhere in your description of how it relates to the arguments you propose, you’ll be giving a bit of brief insight on the description. Hope this is helpful. Be well and do your best!

thank you! but just to clarify: they’re not specifically looking for that description right? so if your description is very brief, they’re not necessarily going to take off points?

Sounds right to me… just make sure that you “use” that document for the argument…

thank you!

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