Experiment questions

• “Identify a control”… does this mean identify the control group or what is remaining/what should remain constant during the experiment?
• What are “Research design components” and examples of them?

“Identify a control” means to identify the group that is kept the same; it has not application of the independent variable. Constant variables are different from the control group because they can be multiple things like temperature, amount of water poured, sunlight received, etc…

Not so sure about the second one :confused:

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hey @Lydia_Schultz !!

@Jamaina gave a great description of a control group :slight_smile:

For “Research Design Components”:
The questions is just asking about how you are going to collect your data. Your answer should also emphasize repeating your experiment over a long time.

Joshua Nielsen will be discussing how to apply those during the second half of the cram :heart_eyes:

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