Experimental Design Answer Format

For stating the IV, DV variables, control, hypothesis, etc…
can we write in separate sentences with a label instead of writing all of them in a paragraph format?
Independent Variable: …
Dependent: …

It depends on how the question is formatted. For example, in this sample question from college board (https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/apc/ap12_environmental_science_q3.pdf) it asks you to state your hypothesis, identify your control, and identify your DV all in different subquestions. In that case, you would want to label your answers to make sure the reader knows you are answering those specific sections. Writing everything in one huge paragraph just makes it harder for the readers to find correct answers.

oh okay!
So if it does say “design an experiment (without subquestions)”, then I could put it in a paragraph?

Every APES frq I’ve seen has subquestions, but if it were to give you just one big problem, then yes. However I am 99% sure that it will have plenty of subsections.

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