Experimental design tips

Does anyone have any last minute tips for the experiment FRQ? Common ways to collect data? Common modifications? Common research design methods? Anything helpful would be appreciated i’m really nervous for the experiment frq.

Hey @charbelbarrak11 :wave:
Here are some resources to help you out:
https://app.fiveable.me/apes/frq/environmental-science-free-response-questions/study-guide/nt9CE82klKh8sDiDoDrT (APES FRQ Guide)
Some other tips would include practice identifying the independent variables, dependent variables, control group, and how different variables impact an experiment. You have probably already seen these FRQs, but maybe try and go over them again by yourself to gain some confidence and practice.
2020 FRQ Practice: https://app.fiveable.me/apes/frq/2019-frq-review/slides/13wwMo09vxYTccjoo8E9/LZiFhHnGFMKf
You’ve got this! :+1:

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Thank you. Also, do you know any methods for collecting runoff? Would there be like a device or could you build a ditch?

Or like the turbidity cause runoff would make it less clear ??

There are many different strategies for controlling runoff. One of which is drainage such as ditches and curbs that can control runoff. As for farming, you might plant crops in an empty field to prevent soil erosion and runoff. Finally, you can also impact what is in runoff by using different fertilizers and chemicals on crops. For the second question, to reduce turbidity caused by runoff, it could likely be solved by planting vegetation to prevent soil erosion.

I said collecting (like for an experiment) not controlling haha but thanks still helpful.

Oh, sorry! Drainage ditches and curbs can be used to collect runoff as well. If forgot what their called, but the metal things on the curb that send water to rivers could easily be setup to collect runoff as well. Finally, in some experiments, scientists will evaluate the chemicals and compounds that are running through a river to look at runoff.

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