Experimental design

How to approach a question in terms of experimental design

Yes and can we also go over how to design an experiment if we were told to do so

When designing an experiment, there are multiple factors to be aware of:
Testable Question/Hypothesis
Independent & Dependent Variables

When you introduce an experiment, it has to be clear what you are testing for. Does independent variable have an effect on dependent variable, and if so, what is it? Each of these things must be clear in the testable question and/or hypothesis. Keep in mind, this is a guess! Your hypothesis does not have to be correct, but it has to make sense in the context.

The variables are very important. The independent variable is what is changed throughout the experiment, and the dependent variable is what is changing as a result. Any controls are purposefully unchanged in order to understand the IV’s effect on the DV.

I hope this helps!

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