Extended Time Tips for FRQ

How should I manage my time and resources if you’re given extended time?

Did they tell you how much time? 1.5 or double?

Extended Time for all students is now double 100% time

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**Extended Time: Listening +50% (time and 1/2), Speaking +50% (time and 1/2), Writing +50 (time and 1/2), Reading +50% (time and 1/2), Mathematical Calculations +50% (time and 1/2)

So double time I say

From the webinars that I have attended, if a student is allowed extended time, that will already be added to the onscreen timer. As with any question, I would answer what I can and skip what I cannot. Then I would go back to the skipped questions and try them again. I try not to waste time on questions that hurt my brain at the expense of other questions that I am more comfortable with answering. Try not to leave any question blank.

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