Final Preparation

For tonight after the cram finishes and tomorrow afternoon waiting for the exam to start what do you recommend studying and looking at? I know you said we shouldn’t be cramming before the exam so should we be looking at anything specific tonight or tomorrow?

Make sure you have completed the AP Exam Demo and saved two documents for the FRQs on your laptop. Each document should have a heading with your AP number and your initials.

question 1 will assess a student’s ability to explain behavior and apply theories and perspectives in authentic contexts

question 2 will assess students’ ability to analyze psychological research studies, including analyzing and interpreting quantitative info

  • make sure you understand how to interpret graphs because since this is an at home test, graphs could make an appearance where you have to identify aspects of the graph

Be sure your device or devices are charged and ready to go. Set up your testing area so it’s as distraction-free as possible. Make sure you have your AP ticket and whatever materials you are planning to use as references if you need them.


Hey! You got this! …and I’m saying that as a former psych student! The cram session will help solidify everything! I know it’s easy to be nervous :persevere: before your big test today, but you’re going to do great! You spent this whole year preparing for this one exam, although we didn’t know situations would be like this.:sleepy: It’s okay though!:blush: Make sure you have a nice quiet and relaxing place to take the exam, and you’ll do just fine! Believe in yourself, stay confident, and prove to Collegeboard that you’re worth that 5! You’re going to do great, and keep shining :star_struck:, you got this!:hugs: Go get that :five:!

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