Finding the PowerPoint used in the AP World Cram Finale

Hello, I am new to Fiveable and recently attended my first Cram Finale and it was beyond helpful! So worth the $5 :smiley:

I wanted to ask where I could find the PowerPoint they used for the livestream. I remember they mentioned that it would be in the Cram Finale Hub but I can’t find it.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Good morning! If I’m not mistaken, if you pull up the video you should see that big green button that is the hub - click that and I see a practice DBQ listed just above the heading TIPS BEFORE YOU WATCH. Hope this helps! Breathe… you can do this…

Thank you so much!! I found it. I am so grateful to all of you teachers responding to kid’s questions. I very much appreciate it <3

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