Foveal Vision Application Question

I did this FRQ in AP Classroom and was wondering whether the foveal vision application would be correct?

A researcher designs a study to investigate the effect of feedback on perception of incomplete visual figures. Each participant stares at the center of a screen while the researcher briefly projects incomplete geometric figures one at a time at random positions on the screen. The participant’s task is to identify each incomplete figure. One group of participants receives feedback on the accuracy of their responses. A second group does not. The researcher compares the mean number of figures correctly identified by the two groups.

Bi. The fovea is the part of the eye that is at the center of the retina, where the most cones are, which means these cells are activated by color. When focusing on something, the light is directed into the fovea and that is why we can see color. In this research, if the geometric figures were of a particular color, when the participant focuses on the geometric image, he/she will be able to see color when using foveal vision.

The fovea is also the point of greatest acuity (clarity). You will want to “focus” your answer on that aspect of the foveal. Additionally, you may want to discuss the Gestalt principles of closure and continuity.

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Because the prompt does not mention color, it would be better to write about the perception of fine details that foveal vision enables (identifying incomplete figures). Your response describes a characteristic of foveal vision, but may not be relevant to the task in the prompt.

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Thank you!

Thank you!!

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