About how many parts do you expect there to be for us to answer in question 1 and question 2?

There’s no definite answer but expect a few. For previous tests, such as chemistry the letters went from a-k or a-i, so while it’s not a certainty, I’d expect somewhere around that number. Prepare for a lot so that way if its less you will be relieved rather than having prepared for less, have more and be stressed.

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When grading our FRQs, will they give us half-point for something if we touch on some of the things they wanted? Or will we only receive full credit for the point if we answer with ALL the details they wanted?

Again, it would depend on if they were looking for multiple things within one question. If you gave them 1 example when they asked for 2, you wouldn’t receive any credit because they don’t give out half points for FRQs.

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Oh okay gotcha. Thanks for answering my question!

in chem it went from a-l for Q1 and a-h for Q2

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