How specific should the FRQ answer get? Looking back at old scoring sheets, it seems to get very specific along with creating situations for the “characters”, but I’m assuming this year, it might be a little different (with open -note). What should we expect in that regard?

I would say to follow along with what the trend has been. I would advocate for being specific. Apply the prompt to the “characters” using the terms as specifically as you can.

Hi Sia! A response should tie into the scenario and/or characters of the prompt itself. This is an essential part of the application of your response. For this, using the name of a person in the prompt of referring to the activity in the prompt may be enough. In other words, you must complete the task that the prompt is requiring while incorporating elements of the prompt into your answer.

Most of the time you’ll need a concept definition and an example. You need to be specific enough to show that you understand. That’s what a good application or example will demonstrate to the reader.

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