I just feel so overwhelmed by seeing a Bio FRQ all the information they give. The questions just confuse me even more because I don’t know how to interpret data and do not know what they are asking for. When she was talking about whisker plots and null hypothesis it was going over my head and I was getting more overwelhmed.

When you start to feel this way, you just have to take a moment to just take a breath. It is going to feel overwhelming, and that’s ok! Start with what you know. If you see a question that you think “oh that’s easy!” then answer that question first. If not, just start listing everything you know about the topic. It will help your brain find the connections to access what you need. Make sure to read the stimulus of the question carefully and just do your best. Start with what you know, and go from there. I hope this helps, you got this! :slight_smile:

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