G Factor

What is g factor of intelligence?

The G factor is a variable used to represent 1 single underlying intelligence that predicts success at nearly any other task. This theory was publicized by Charles Spearman.

Advocates of this theory believe that a “smart person” who shows success in one task (like a memorization test) will also show similar success in other tests.

Essentially, Charles Spearman refers to a Generalized Intelligence (g-factor). We are either smart or we’re not. Today, we realize that we may have multiple intelligences. I may not be as “smart” in Math as I am in Music.

The G stands for “generalized intelligence.” It is the idea that there is one basic intelligence. G was proposed by Spearman.

G factor refers to generalized intelligence which Charles Spearman theorized was responsible for the results on all cognitive ability intelligence tests.

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