General adaptation syndrome

what is general adaptation syndrome and the phases?

Researcher Hans Selye publicized the General Adaptation Syndrome, which describes how the body responds to stressful situations.
The first stage is Alarm, where the body gathers resources to cope with the stressor.
The second stage is Resistance, during which the body enters the fight or flight response and the sympathetic nervous system is highly aroused.
The third stage is Exhaustion, during which the parasympathetic nervous system is highly involved in bringing the body back to its natural state.

During exhaustion, the person may notice pain, injuries, etc that were overlooked during the sympathetic arousal of the Resistance phase.

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Hans Selye developed GAS with three phases: Alarm, Resistance, and Exhaustion. Alarm is when the action occurs (e.g. earthquake). Resistance is when you are adjusting to the circumstances (e.g. finding a new home). Exhaustion is when your physical and mental resources are basically depleted and you don’t have a sufficient amount of energy to address your needs.

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ALARM you (brain) notices something is wrong or threatening, and your body prepares for it.
RESISTANCE your brain is signalling the body to keep fighting the good fight
EXHAUSTION you body is out of energy to fight.

Most animals in natural setting have frequent alarms that last a few seconds (is there a tiger?) Humans are kind of in trouble because we are constantly getting stressed and going into resistance for hours or days. Our job, our worry about bills etc. We find ourselves exhausted. This is why “stress makes you sick”. It’s really for short term fight or flight stuff.

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