can we go over translocation and all those things that can increase variation/ mutations (ie. translocation of the SRY gene specifically maybe?)

Ya I’m confused about that too

Crossing over can increase variation, but it also can cause mutations.

Failures in crossing over:

  • Deletion = only one chromosome crosses over
  • Duplication = one chromosome has duplicate genes (when deletion happens, the other chromosome will have duplicate genes)
  • Inversion = gene sequence inverted
  • Translocation = crossing over between non-homologous pairs (ex. chromosome #1 crossing over with chromosome #20 instead of #1 crossing over with #1)
  • Fusion and splitting of genes

Edit: SRY translocation specific case

The SRY gene is the sex-determining region for males on the tip of the Y chromosome. In SRY translocation, this section is crossed over to the X chromosome, causing a male to have XX traits.

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