Good examples of invasive, keystone, indicator?

does anyone have any good examples of invasive, keystone and indicator species that would be easy to use and elaborate on during the test?

An invasive species would be the lionfish because threaten native fish and the environment in U.S. Atlantic coastal waters. Invasive species are capable of causing extinctions of native plants and animals, reducing biodiversity, competing with native organisms for limited resources, and altering habitats.

Indicator species would be like honeybees because they provide early warnings of damage to a community or an ecosystem. Since they are one of the most important pollinators, and start to have die-offs this shows that their is an environmental problem regarding anthropogenic, atmospheric, aquatic, or other sources that have been disrupted leading to their die-off and we must find a way to address the problem and come with a viable solution.

Keystone species or other known as ecosystem engineers are a keystone species that creates or maintains habitat for other species has a a very important role in the community than its relative abundance might suggest. A great example of this is a starfish This means that other species in the environment depend on their presence in order for the ecosystem to function properly. As a result, sea stars, because they are keystone predators, play a major role in the lower intertidal ecosystem.

One exception could be the purple sea star (Pisaster ochraceus). It could be considered a keystone species in the rocky marine intertidal communities off the northwest coast of North America. This predatory sea star feeds on the mussel Mytilus californianus and is responsible for maintaining much of the local diversity of species within certain communities.

When the purple sea star have been removed experimentally, the mussel populations have expanded rapidly and covered the rocky intertidal shores so exclusively that other species cannot establish themselves. Consequently, the interaction between Pisaster and Mytilus supports the structure and species diversity of these communities (keystone predator). In other communities in which Pisaster occurs, however, the sea star has little overall effect on the structure of the community. Therefore, this species (as well as others) can be a keystone species in some communities but not in others.

omg thank you so much

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