I am aware that we will not be able to use a Grammarly ad-on in Google chrome, but if we have that Grammarly app, will that be ok? For example, we open the test tab and the Grammarly tab separately, and then copy and paste.

Don’t use Grammarly or any essay checking software, especially since Collegeboard has made it explicitly clear.

College Board has said you need to uninstall Grammarly as a plug-in to your Google Docs account. It’s not that Grammarly is considered cheating; it’s that Grammarly interferes with College Board’s software.

Thank you for the response. I do not have the plug-in in the google doc, but I do have the separate app. I am wondering if that would interfere as well, because I opened the demo with that app opened and it worked fine, since there are separate tabs and it is not linked to google chrome.

tbh i wouldn’t risk it

I don’t think it will interfere if it’s not linked to your Google Doc, but I’m not sure. If I were the student taking the exam, I wouldn’t risk it.

Disable the app.

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