Green screen

Lets finish our conversation here!
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.50.35 PM
As you can see I figured out how to clear the cache (it says I only have 1 mg of cache it used be much higher). I went into the link again and the screen is still green.

Hi there, @kmstone_56083!

We’re still unclear what issues you might be having after performing some of these basic troubleshooting steps but am certain it’s a hardware issue. Have you been able to try this on other devices, if possible?

If that is not possible, email me at and I’ll happily process a refund for you. We definitely want you to be able to study. I’m also uploading the replay video to a secondary link that you can (hopefully) view free of charge. It’s a massive file so it’ll take an hour to finish uploading and processing at this point.

Let me know.

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