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Does anyone want to make a snapchat group chat or an ap world discord? If you want a snap gc send me your snap and if you want a discord just say you want one.

my snap is @aubrey_walley if you make the group chat and if it’s on insta it is @aubrey.fw


my snap is ashmeen.m

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wouldn’t mind a discord


I’d love a discord :slight_smile:


@snigdhar0y on insta! @snigdha.r0y on snap! Please add!!!

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I wouldn’t love either bc I have neither.

made a discord, my snap is also @darknesspotato (i made it in 5th grade don’t judge) and my insta is @zaid_arsh04

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my snap is @psajja21

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my friend wants to be on it too this is her snap is @mythr.l

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have fun! just remember, don’t chat with each other during the exam. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Of course of course, wouldn’t waste 5 hours on a cram just to cheat in the end :smile:


my snap: @rjwalsh_04

hey everyone I started an insta gc so drop the instas if you want to be in it

what abt the ones already posted

snap + insta both a.myweng

hey I can’t find your insta

my snap is @walliloves

insta: rjwalsh_04

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