Handwriting DBQ

Will the people grading our DBQ be impacted or judging if we dont have good handwriting, go out of the notebook paper margin? Especially, if we spell words wrong will that impact us?

Spelling things wrong won’t count against you. Writing illegibly* will!

In terms of the margin, just be sure when taking a picture that you’re covering the entire frame just to be sure.

*illegible as in readers couldn’t understand what you’re writing

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If you are going to handwrite your DBQ, make sure that your handwriting is legible, so the grader can read your paper easily. Your grader will not grade you differently if you happen to write out of the margin of your paper. Also, spelling does not count, as long as the reader understands what you meant.


Nope – readers do everything they can to understand all of the words that are written. In the many many many thousands of essays that I’ve read (in my own classes & for CollegeBoard), there has only been one essay that I couldn’t score. Then, it gets sent to someone else who will try everything they can to score the essay. For the most part – no one’s handwriting is as ‘bad’ as they think it is :smile:

Using a black pen will help for clarity of your image that you upload. Don’t worry about cross-outs / scribbles. We read right past that.

No judgement on handwriting. Spelling doesn’t matter as long as we can figure out your intent. Meaning, no one is “grading” whether you spell somethign correctly or not. (see what I did there)


This was very helpful, thank you so much!

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