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With the voyages of Explorers to newfoundlands, they sometimes established colonies, like Christopher’s Columbus’ voyage facilitated the mass colonizing of the Americas. Due to the sudden tightening of control on colonies can also lead to the discontent of colonists. This was due to the Enlightenment, which led the colonists to believe their rights were infringed upon, and as a result the American Revolution came about. This also happened in Latin America where certain colonists, creoles, were dissatisfied with them being below peninsulares despite being of Iberian blood, leading to the Latin American Revolution. However, contrary to belief, the revolutions in the Americas barely challenged social hierarchies as shown with the continuity of a hierarchical society based on race, however, some places in Americas, although a minimal amount, challenged hierarchical society as shown with destroyed racial superiority.

Is this thesis okay for the Americas DBQ

DBQ documents

It seems like a great thesis to me

Thank you

Of course it would depend on exactly what the prompt was, but this almost reads like an SAQ answering 3 separate questions about a related topic. You are weaving some immensely huge topics together–Age of Exploration, Enlightenment, and Latin America Revolution. If I am reading your arguments correctly, the real question is about the impact Latin American Revolutions had on social hierarchies. Your actual thesis arguments address that. Everything that comes before that…Columbus and Enlightenment could be possibly used as context, but you’d need to more clearly demonstrate how those events are directly related to and impact Latin American Revolutions and social hierarchy.

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