Heredity P squared and Q squared

Throughout the year when we wanted to find the allele frequency of a population we just square rooted the homozygous rec/pop size. However one of the practice frqs I did was very wierd in that it multiplied the alleles by 2 because there is 2 per person and thus it came out to a different answer. Their answer was around 0.83 and mine was 0.89. Can someone please explain why this question was different from the normal formula. The question im talking about is question h. and this is the key is this wierd or did my class learn it wrong because the answers come out differently

I asked my AP Bio teacher this question earlier, and she said that we won’t need to know how to calculate the allele frequency like that this year. I believe College Board was just trying to show what the parts of the question will look like.

nice that was wierd

You will not be required to calculate allele frequencies this year, as Unit 7: Natural Selection is not on the exam.

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